• Three nutritious & delicious meal each day.
  • Snack as needed and requested by the resident.
  • Special diets and prescribed by physician and within the capabilities of the facility.
  • Routine assessment or each resident and development of a Service Plan by a registered nurse.
  • Caregivers trained and certified according to Arizona Department of Health Services on duty all time.

  • Affordable fees and charges for all services provided.
  • Hair care (haircuts, wash and sets, etc) provided within the facility.
  • Medication administration per physician's written order.
  • Up to 100% assistance with Activities of Daily Living.
  • Documentation of care provided medications administered.
  • Assistance with treatments that do not legally require that a licensed nurse to involved.

For more information about our services or about the availability , you can contact us at:

Phone: (602) 349-7638
Email: office@grandview-assistedliving.com

Also if you are interested you can schedule a visit to our facility and see why we make a difference!

Above is just a small list of our services, if you or your loved one has a particular request, please be sure to mention it to us.